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Unidentified Sitting Object

What is this object?

Unidentified Sitting Object

Unidentified Sitting Object - Scale provided by Andy's 1966 Chevy Nova matchbox car

Is it -

  • A spaceship for tiny aliens?
  • A smoke detector
  • A frisbee
  • A cover for putting over your food in the microwave


If you were canny enough to guess that it's none of those things but are still not sure what you're looking at, then you might be interested to know that it's actually a WAP, a Wireless Access Point. Or in other words "the thing that wifi comes out of".

All of the WAPs that we've used up until now have more or less looked like small boxes with aerials on them so this one is new and a bit different looking. It also works a bit better in high use environments where a lot of people want to use the wifi at once. There's already one of these UFO looking guys cranking out the wifi at Blenheim Library (who were good enough to agree to be our pilot guinea pigs when we were in the testing phase) and we'll be looking to deploy these to our busier (in terms of wifi) libraries in the coming months.

What our wifi-ing saucer goes to demonstrate is that, as we've mentioned before, there's lots of work that goes on behind the scenes at the APNK. Some of that involves researching alternative tools, like the new WAP, that can help us improve the service we offer to libraries.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

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