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Digital audio recorder kit
 Digital audio recorder for loan

Here at APNK we're all about getting people online but also getting the stories and voices of New Zealanders online too.

It's for this reason that we host online digital repositories called Kete on behalf of libraries. Kete give anyone with a story or a digital object they'd like to share with their community the platform to do so. We currently host 19 Kete around the country with library staff and various community groups and individuals creating, sharing and uploading the content.

To this end there are also a number of scanners dotted around the country so that the treasures that have languished in scrapbooks and shoe boxes for years can find a new life and appreciaters online.

Other equipment that we have on offer are several digital audio recorders. These are available for library staff to borrow on three month loan and can be used for oral histories and interviews.

Rather than recording onto tape our digital audio recorders save sound files onto a memory card which can be easily removed and plugged straight into an APNK PC. We also provide audio editing software on our PCs (and headphones too) so that if any tweaking is needed all the available equipment is at hand.

Our digital audio recorders are pretty straightforward to use and come with full instructions. They also come with batteries (very important!) and a microphone and stand. And the whole kit comes in a sturdy case for easy transportation. We even have fancy microphones for recording music.

So if you work at an APNK partner library and are interested in capturing the voices of your community drop us a line at and ask about borrowing one of our digital audio recorders.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

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