Aotearoa People's Network

Portrait of the APNK as an infographic

by Moata Tamaira

Believe it or not, it's nearly 5 years since the APNK started in its first library in Kawerau in 2007. As this milestone approaches, here at APNK HQ we've been reflecting a little on what we've achieved in that time. What are we proud of? How far have we come?

And what better way to illustrate that (literally) than with an infographic?

In the process of making it, I used a number of nifty, free tools available online. All of which people using the APNK service at a public library can access. Potentially anyone who has access to free library internet could make something similar...and I have to say, I kind of like that. So here's where you can go if you want to create your own -

  • Piktochart - Choose from a selection of themes which you can customise to create your own piece of infographic genius. But I found it a bit constraining and wanted to fiddle further so I used...
  • - Free image manipulation software that's already installed on all APNK PCs but is available for free download too.
  • The Noun Project - Searchable site with a wide range of icons and symbols. Some of them are available for a charge but plenty of them are public domain or have no copyright restrictions.

So without any further ado, here's a representation of where the APNK is after (nearly) 5 years of public library internet goodness.

APNK infographic



Thursday, November 1, 2012

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