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Today we have a chat with APNK Programme Administrator Anne Mortimer about her role within the team, fleece and invoices.

What's your background? Where were you working before you joined APNK?

Anne Mortimer, APNK Programme AdministratorMy background is working in museums in a front of house / marketing role. I've worked on a World War II cruiser (H.M.S. Belfast), in Britain's first veterinary museum (The World of James Herriot) and at Middlesbrough Museums and Galleries.

I then switched to libraries as a Literature Development Officer responsible for setting up and running the annual York Literature Festival, Big City Read and the "Telling Tales" series of storytelling events for adults. I've thoroughly enjoyed all of these roles and think that I've been very lucky, fulfilling lots of career dreams.

What's your role within the team? What do you do?

I'm responsibile for coding the invoices, raising invoices, ordering goods and services, taking minutes, and processing the Partnership Agreements... so all of our general administration needs.

An important aspect of this is keeping the staff room and stationery stores well stocked for our team [Ed: the importance to the team of keeping coffee supplies healthy can not be overemphasised]

What's your favourite thing about your job?

I like lots of aspects of my job. I find raising invoices and coding them strangely therapeutic. I love it when I get to be a travel agent, arranging the travel for the team to do their installations. This is all on a practical level.

What gives me a warm fuzzy glow is when Moata shares the comments from happy users or library colleagues telling us how the service has made a difference to them.

Favourite thing to do on a computer (when you're not working on it, that is)

Shopping - it's so easy and hassle free but not being able to feel lovely fleeces* is a bit frustrating. I also enjoy Skype-ing with my sister in the UK.

*When not keeping our invoices straight, Anne is a keen handicrafter and produces many attractive felt items and accessories.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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