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APNK PCs at Hokitika Library
APNK PCs at Hokitika Library

We love it here at APNK HQ when the staff out in library-land relay stories of how the equipment and Internet connection we provide is being used by real people. Anne-Maree in Hokitika did just that earlier in the week when she told us about a frantic job-seeker who was trying to apply for a job online.

"The other week a young man came rushing into the library, desperate to fill in an online job application form and attach his CV, as the deadline was imminent, and the computer he'd been using elsewhere hadn't allowed him to send the form. The librarian on the desk showed him to an APNK machine, helped him with the process, and the forms were sent, much to his relief." 

"He came back in today to report that he had got the job, and was so thankful not only for the staff help, but the fact that we had a wonderful service like APNK."

This story illustrates an important role that free library Internet has to play; that of enabling career advancement and employment.

The Internet has completely revolutionised employment processes and recruitment. Where newspaper 'Situations Vacant' columns were once the main vehicle for finding career opportunities, fewer and fewer jobs are advertised this way. In fact the Labour Department, which monitors trends in employment, regularly collected data from newspaper vacancies but ceased doing so in 2007 in favour of sourcing data from online advertising.

The move from newspaper advertising to web-based recruitment means that job seekers need to access information online. Research suggests that job seekers, particularly the young, head to the Internet to find jobs, with 60 percent of New Zealanders in their twenties reporting that they use the Internet for this purpose.

Victoria University's careers service even provides a guide on how to apply for online job applications  as "increasing numbers of employers are asking applicants to apply online".

Which is why we're even more pleased that up and down the country job seekers have access to not only the technology we provide, but the friendly, helpful service of librarians. With those two powerful resources combined, libraries are helping people "get the job" every day, and making a difference in people's lives is what APNK and public libraries are all about.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

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