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The Internet doesn't care how old you are

Zanne, APNK user at Te Kauwhata Library
Zanne, APNK user at Te Kauwhata Library

Last week one of our trusty Technical Support Analysts, Bevan, took a trip to the Waikato to install a GO-GO PC reservation system at Ngaruawahia Library. While in the area he made a visit to Te Kauwhata Library and while there he met a charming lady named Zanne.

Zanne is a regular visitor to Te Kauwhata Library. She travels by mobility scooter and is a little frail so the library staff go the extra mile and help her to a chair.

Zanne is 92 years old. She's also a regular user of the free APNK computers at the library which she uses to Skype her son who lives in the United States.

So if a senior citizen you know is reluctant to engage with computers or technology, maybe remind them that the Internet doesn't care how old you are. And that if a 92 year-old can become a regular Skype user, maybe age isn't the barrier we sometimes think it is?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

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