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Home at last

It took a while, nearly 9 months in fact, but finally the APNK team are situated in their new permanent premises at Cavendish Business Park in north Christchurch.

No more having the team split and working from different locations. No more "temporary" arrangements. No more banging elbows with your neighbour at squeezed-in workstations. But what we do have is lots and lots of lovely, useful space.

The moving in process went relatively smoothly yesterday despite the wet weather and now the APNK (and Kōtui) team are all together in one big open plan office. Yesterday was the first time the whole team have actually worked in the same space together since February. 

There are still a few pieces of furniture to organise and a bit of work required on our tearoom/kitchen but we've got all our equipment, desks, phones and Internet where they should be, which is all we really need to get the job done.

By way of proving that point, Glen has been busy today imaging PCs for our install at Ashburton Library next week, and the PC monitors have already been sent. Only a day on site and the APNK installation machinery is already ticking along nicely. We're looking forward to finishing what has been, in many respects, a difficult year in a productive mode.

Check out the photos of our new premises, from empty warehouse to fully fledged office, in our Flickr slideshow below.

Next week - APNK goes to Ashburton!

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

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