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The desk of helpfulness

An important part of the APNK service is our helpdesk. Any day of the week* library staff can call our 0800 number and speak to a Technical Support Analyst who will talk them through any APNK-related technical issues they might be having.

Issues can range from a piece of equipment that's misbehaving (like a jamming printer), to an outage or some other problem affecting the service. The helpdesk staff will troubleshoot problems over the phone and advise library staff on how to get things working again (unfortunately not every problem can be fixed by turning it off and on again).

But that's not all the helpdesk staff do. They also create and maintain our FAQs so that customers and library staff can troubleshoot their own technical problems or learn more about how to use the APNK service.

They organise delivery to libraries of replacement equipment when it's needed.

They work after hours doing Windows updates on the PCs so there's no disruption to customers during the day.

Greg, our new helpdesk boffin
 New helpdesker, Greg

They update the PC image.

They monitor the network, keeping an eye out for any problems or issues that might arise.

They spend time figuring out ways to improve and streamline the service so it's a satisfying experience for the end user.

Basically they keep the whole operation running as smoothly as possible. Sometimes even when there are big earthquakes. To quote a tweet we received from Waimakariri District Libraries recently they are "the most patient IT help desk I have ever dealt with :-)"

And as of this week we're adding one more star to the helpdesk firmament. His name is Greg and he's currently learning the ropes but will soon join Keiran, Glen and Andy as a helpful voice on the other end of the phone.

*Except public holidays. Even boffins need the day off occasionally.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

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