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We love hearing from the library and marae visitors who use our service up and down the country and to this end our regional portals (the default homepages that APNK PC and wifi users see when connecting via a browser) include a "leave a comment" feature. This is where customers can tell us what they like about the APNK service, or every now and then, what they don't like about it.

It's an important way for people who use our service, in far flung corners of the country that we'll rarely get to visit in person, to let us know what the free APNK service means to them.

Westport Library, Buller DistrictOne such customer is Austen Kyle who left a message for us recently using an APNK PC in Westport Library (pictured right), on the West Coast.

As a deaf person I find aotearoa people network lts me keep in touch,with my family,my business,my suppliers and customers.most useful .thank you.

Curious about how Mr Kyle was using the service, we followed up with him and he was happy enough to sing our praises (which is always a bonus).

Kyle sells books to small, mainly rural, library networks and some school libraries. This requires him to travel to all sorts of small towns around the South Island. It also means that he has to follow up on orders by checking invoices and confirming that payments for orders have gone through correctly even as he's on the road. As it's a small business it's Kyle that makes the deliveries himself from his trusty van.

Kyle is very hard of hearing and has hearing aids that help him in his daily life but unfortunately these do not work well with mobile phones. This means Kyle's main method of communication with his customers, even when travelling, is via email.

It just makes life so much easier. To keep up with everyone if I’m out of town, I’ll just send people emails and for me I can be right up to date with everything... For communications, I find the speed of the internet is really good.

Kyle was also pleased with how the APNK service was used at times of crisis in communities, in particular during the Pike River mining disaster of November last year when locals were able to keep friends and family in other parts of the country updated on the situation via the free Internet at Greymouth Library.

When Pike River happened the Greymouth computers were all available for people to use. I was very impressed.

Obviously, we love hearing that the service we provide is making a difference to people's lives, whether it be supporting small businesses (particularly small businesses in Christchurch - they need all the help they can get in the post-quake environment) or in allowing communities to keep in touch during uncertain times.

If you have any APNK anecdotes like this you'd like to share then please let us know. You can email us at or you can fill in our feedback form.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

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