Aotearoa People's Network

A change of image

Here at the People's Network we're quite focused our image, but it's not the stylishness of our shoes or the asymmetry of our fringes that preoccupies us. Oh no. No, it's the "image" that sits on the public PCs you'll find in libraries up and down the country that we're currently busy with.

  Our PCs are identical on the inside too.

What's an image? Well, that's just the word we use for the set-up you'll find on one of our PCs. For the most part it's the software that's installed on the PC, and the specific version of that software and maybe the way it's configured. Every year we go through a process of updating the software that's installed on APNK PCs.

If we didn't do this then the software would eventually become out of date and be less useful to library customers. For instance, some websites don't work well on older browsers so periodically updating them is the way to go. Often we add new software that we think will be useful as well as updating the programs that are already there (and we're happy to take suggestions from library staff or customers regarding possible additions).

We test on a PC here at HQ that all the shiny, new versions of things work okay, and then we make a copy or "image" of that PC set up. Then, library by library we copy it onto the 600+ APNK PCs around New Zealand (this is also sometimes known as "cloning").

It takes a while because we have to do it after hours but in the end all the PCs are updated and have the exact same software so that regardless of whether you're in Twizel or Te Awamutu, the library PC you use will have all the same functionality.

We'll be rolling out the new image over the coming weeks and we hope that customers enjoy the latest update.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

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