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Back in the swing of things

November has seen a flurry of activity here at APNK. Our post-quake HQ is approaching readiness, Kōtui continues to roll out to more libraries and we've managed to do a library install or two.

Great Barrier Island Library and Service Centre

  Great Barrier Island Library

It's been nearly a year since the last install at Kāpiti Coast libraries Waikanae, Paraparaumu and Ōtaki. This has mainly been caused by, you guessed it, earthquake-related issues. The loss of the Christchurch National Library building in February has meant the team has had no space to deal with all the equipment required to APNK-ify new libraries. There just hasn't been enough room to do it.

We managed to bring Great Barrier Island Library into the fold last week mainly because it was a small set-up. With only two PCs, one printer and a wifi hotspot to organise, image, and configure, our team were able to manage in the small space of our temporary offices. Similarly our current installation at Palmerston North City Library, though spread across six locations, consists only of wifi hotspots - equipment that can be dealt with relatively easily within our current office space.

We've got other libraries who are as keen as mustard to join the APNK family but deployment to these locations (Ashburton, Taupō and Invercargill) will have to wait until we've moved into our new lodgings at Cavendish Business Park.

APNK at Great Barrier Island
  2 desktops and a laser printer

Fortunately this should be happening soon (and expect there to be a blog about it when we do finally move in).

But until then, a very warm, APNK welcome to the staff and customers Palmerston North City Library (and branches) and especially of Great Barrier Island Library. You're our first library that's not on mains power (go, the generator!) but we're glad that's not going to be keeping you and your visitors from all the wonders (and amusing cats) of the Internet.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

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