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APNK shaken but trucking on

Damage to APNK HQ

On Tuesday 22 February Christchurch and surrounding areas were shaken by a severe and destructive 6.3 magnitude quake that cause serious damage and/or destruction to much of the central business district.

The people of Christchurch and New Zealand are still awaiting confirmation of the identities of the dozens of people who were killed as a result of the quake, some just a few hundred metres away from APNK headquarters on Manchester Street (pictured right).

Infrastructure in Christchurch has been badly affected with water, electricity, cellphone coverage and roading causing problems at various times.

The disruption to people's lives in Christchurch can not be overemphasised. This event has caused colossal amounts of damage.

Our network went down for half an hour immediately after the quake and for a short time a week later when there was a power generator failure at our data centre. This despite the fact that staff have not been able to re-enter our offices since 22 February. This is down to the commitment of the APNK team, the robustness of our network architecture and the support we have from Snap Internet, Datacom and the Department of Internal Affairs

APNK team, all present and accounted forHelpdesk support, network connection and most importantly, good humour has continued despite -

  • Our building being "red stickered" ie. assessed and considered too dangerous to enter, even to retrieve vital equipment
  • One team member suffering a concussion as a result of biking on newly treacherous roading (she has stitches and an ACC form that says no work for 2 weeks)
  • One team member having to leave her home and move in with her mother
  • Helpdesk staff manning the helpdesk from home (a home that includes 2 young children and a dog - quite distracting at the best of times, let alone when there are aftershocks to deal with - no wonder he hasn't shaved)
  • One staff member taking showers and doing washing at another team member's home on the other side of town

We're doing our bit. All we ask from library and marae staff is that you have patience with any delays you might experience in either contacting us or having replacement equipment sent out. Please remember we do not have access to all sorts of documentation and equipment that are currently in an unsafe building that we can't get to. We're sure if you explain to your customers that we're working from Christchurch that they'll be a lot more understanding too.

Rest assured this a temporary situation and we will be back up to full speed as soon as we possibly can. To that end we are looking for new premises where we can house our staff, our test lab and our equipment. If you have any leads on a suitable location for APNK HQ mark II then please let us know via email

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

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