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APNK: In between homes

Late last month deconstruction work on the former National Library site in Christchurch began. This building at 300 Manchester Street had been the home of Services to Schools for over 20 years and had functioned as APNK HQ since 2007. Perched in concrete glory at the corner of Manchester and Salisbury Streets it suffered structural damage on 22 February - the last day it functioned as either a library or as home base for the People's Network.

A salvage mission in May "rescued" our equipment (and the library's books) and it has remained almost empty, awaiting diggers and bulldozers ever since. This has meant the People's Network has had to operate from staff members homes, and more recently from temporary "not quite as roomy as we're used to" accommodation.

But work is now underway. Deconstruction* of the Manchester Street building will take over a month and we're documenting the process by taking photographs that will be uploaded to our National Library Deconstruction set on Flickr every few days.

Simultaneously, across town an entirely different set of men in high-viz are cabling, hammering and gibbing a new APNK headquarters into being. It's still pretty rough-looking but the video below shows the beginnings of our new HQ. We're really looking forward to having a proper base of operations to work from in the not too distant future.

*Deconstruction involves taking a building to pieces which is distinct from demolition which just involves knocking it over, basically.



Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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