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Getting people online is a big part of what the Aotearoa People's Network Kaharoa is all about, but we're also interested in getting people sharing their local stories and the history of their communities in that online space.

This is why we host digital repositories called Kete on behalf of a growing number of libraries around the country. A community Kete is a place where anyone can upload photos or other documents or share personal stories that capture the history of their town or region.

In the last week or so we've had a couple of opportunities to focus on Kete and we thought that worthy of a blog post.

First up is our new favourite toy. Just over a week ago National Library colleagues at DigitalNZ released a new set making tool that works in combination with DigitalNZ search.

Logged in users now have the ability to group DigitalNZ items (including those from our Kete) together into themed sets. The sets are easily shareable too. We've made some using APNK Kete material. Check out the examples below:

A set of images of Kiwis on their bikes -

Detail of Bicycles set on DigitalNZ

Detail of a set showing weddings and couples -

Detail of Couples set on DigitalNZ

We'd love to see either librarians or users make their own sets using content from their local Kete. Imagine a Movember set full of heritage moustaches! There are heaps of opportunities and applications and DigitalNZ sets could be a very useful tool in highlighting hidden Kete treasures.

For more information on Sets read the DigitalNZ blog post.

Kete Community Day
Paul Sutherland (Christchurch City Libraries) and Pat Mock (Waimakariri District Libraries) at the Kete Community meeting. 

In other Kete news, earlier this week APNK HQ played host to a Kete Community Meeting where Kete users from around the region as well as one visitor from out of town had the chance to get together and talk about all things Kete. How we're using it, what we like about it, what we'd like to see improved, and how we can work together.

We're hoping libraries that have Kete will be open to working more closely together in future on promoting and developing Kete.

Paul and Pat (pictured at left) have already made some moves to exchange earthquake-related content for inclusion in their respective Kete and may collaborate in a photo donation promotion later in the year.

For more on what was discussed read the Kete Community Meeting minutes.



Monday, July 2, 2012

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