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2013 Census - Coming to a library near you

by Moata Tamaira

You count - 2013 Census logoMore and more of our basic transactions, the housekeeping and book-keeping on our daily lives, are happening online.

We can shop, find jobs, get exam results and apply for a passport, all via the Internet.

Similarly this year's census, which takes place on Tuesday 5 March, will have an online option with people being able to complete their census returns electronically.

But of course, that means access to computers and the Internet which is where your local library may be able to help.

Here at APNK we're working with partner libraries and Statistics New Zealand to make sure people can fill in their online census forms with the minimum of fuss.

From this week our regional pages (the default homepage on all APNK PCs and the website that wifi users hit when they connect) bear a 2013 Census logo which links through to the 2013 Census website.

From Saturday 16 February distribution of hard copy census forms will begin. People wishing to use the online forms will need to wait until their paper forms have been delivered so that they can use their Internet ID and Internet Access Code to login to the census website.

You'll need to bring both of these pieces of information with you to the library if you wish to complete your census form online there.

If you have your own device and would like to connect via APNK wifi, or have your own computer and Internet connection, Statistics New Zealand has a list of minimum requirements for using the Census website.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

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