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Providing free access to broadband internet and computing equipment so that people can live, learn, and create in the digital world.
HB Williams Memorial Library, Gisborne
HB Williams Memorial Library, Gisborne

Technology Refresh 2019

The APNK team are pleased to announce that the 2019 upgrade of all APNK hardware is now complete. This is an exciting change, as it means that members of the public visiting APNK libraries now have access to up-to-date computer devices, making it even easier for them to get connected and do all the things they need to do online.

The new equipment consists of computers that use the Chrome operating system, plus improved printing and scanning hardware. Some of the new computers are portable laptop ‘chromebooks’, which the public can use almost anywhere within the library.

As part of the 2019 Technology Refresh, the WiFi network at library service locations was also upgraded, to ensure the network is fit-for-purpose for future technologies.

Mapping our network

All APNK partner sites are now listed on our Google map making it easier for you to find free Internet in your neighbourhood.


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